Church of the Good Shepherd

The Anglo-Catholic Parish of the Episcopal Diocese Of Upper South Carolina

A Year of Giving

Once again in 2019, the people of The Church of the Good Shepherd gave of our time, talents and treasures in order to serve as the Hands of Christ to a world in need.

Parishioners gave $21,900 in special collections for ministries from Harvest Hope Food Bank to Hannah House, from Sistercare to the victims of natural disasters. That’s on top of the $13,860 in outreach efforts in our budget.

It’s also in addition to all of the volunteer efforts we can’t put a dollar figure on: preparing and serving meals for the homeless, repairing the homes of the needy, buying hundreds of pounds of groceries for the hungry, shopping for school supplies, Christmas presents and Mother’s Day gifts for displaced families, and cooking, baking and donating supplies for our fundraisers.

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