Church of the Good Shepherd

The Anglo-Catholic Parish of the Episcopal Diocese Of Upper South Carolina

Solemn Mass

picture of priest at alter celebrating mass

At Good Shepherd, the principal service every Sunday is the Solemn Mass, or Holy Eucharist Rite II. During the Solemn Mass, the priest is accompanied by a sub-deacon and a server. Liturgical music, incense, sanctus, or sacring bells and congregational hymns act as sensory aids that enrich the worship service and complement our Solemn Mass. These ceremonial practices are based on the centuries-old customs of the Church that are central to the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

We encourage you to participate in the service with the singing of hymns and service music from the blue Hymnal 1982 (an "S" number denotes service music which is found in the front of the hymnal). The page numbers of the Book of Common Prayer are noted in the ordo, and the page numbers from the hymnal are noted both in the ordo and on the board at the front of the church by the choir. You will find both the BCP and hymnals lined up in the backs of the pews in front of you.

All baptized Christians who recognize the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Communion are welcome to receive communion. Everyone is welcome to participate in our celebration of the Holy Eucharist at the altar rail. Those who do not wish to receive communion may cross their arms and bow their heads to indicate that they wish to receive a blessing from the priest.